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    NAS 8000J

    Up to 80TB high performance quiet storage for private cloud / NAS / iSCSI

    PolyStor 8074A (Petabyte Solution)

    8U 74xSAS/SATA/SSD, up to 740TB per Box 8,000Mb/s High Performance iSCSI/SAN/NAS

    PolyStor 4060A

    4U 60 Hot-Swap HD, up to 600TB Quad LAN, RAID 5, 6, 10, 50, 60

    SUMA 4036A / 4036S

    36 x SATA/SAS, HW RAID-5/6 Acceleration 4 x GigaLAN, High Performance 12Gbps iSCSI/NAS/SAN

    NetDisk 3016B

    3U 16 SATA Swap HD NAS / iSCSI Dual LAN, mSATA, RAID-5/6

    NetDisk 2016B: 2U 16HDD

    2U 16 x 3.5" top pull hot swap HD, 2xGigaLAN, Dual Intel® Xeon™ processor, LSI SAS/SATA RAID

    NetDisk 1012B: 1U 12HDD

    1U 12 x 3.5" top pull hot swap HD, 2xGigaLAN, 8Core C2750 Fanless processor, LSI SAS/SATA RAID

    NetDisk 5090JB

    5U 90 Hot-Swap Bays RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10

    JBOD 4090JB

    SAS3 / SAS2 / SATA-N / SATA-E Storage 4U-90 Bays(Top Load)

    PolyStor 4072A

    72 x 3.5" SATA/SAS, RAID-5/6 iSCSI/NAS/SAN 2 x 10GigaLAN, 12Gbps, Dual Socket, up to 1TB RAM

    SUMA 4060B: 4U 60Bay system(Top load)

    4U 60 x 3.5" top swap HD, 3xLAN, Xeon E5-2600 processor, LSI SAS/SATA RAID

    SUMA 4024A

    24 x SATA/SAS, Hardware RAID-6 4 x GigaLAN, Quiet and High Performance 12Gbps


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