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ARM Android Media Player TV-Box

The Android operating system has traditionally been associated with mobile phones, at best, with tablets. Most do not consider it to be a serious operating system that is capable of anything more.

Nevertheless, there is a fairly common class of Mini PCs with ARM architecture processors. They run the Android OS, which not only supports tiny touchscreen phone displays, but also quite serious large monitors, keyboards, mice and other devices. Our Mini PCs running Android OS are distinguished by high reliability due to the use of industrial grade components. They are specially designed for 365/24 operation. As a result, our Mini PCs on the ARM Android platform work for months without crashes or reboots. Some Power over Ethernet ARM Android PC Exclusive comprehensive PoE Protection designs for over current and over voltage protection. Power budget control adjusts PoE port power supply automatically to avoiding equipment damage.

Mini PCs with the ARM Android platform are especially popular in Digital Signage applications, as well as in various Media Players and Internet TV Set-Top Boxes. Many of them have high-performance graphics subsystems capable of delivering 4K video on one or even two displays. Moreover, their cost is significantly (sometimes several times) less than media players on the x86 platform. They represent a fairly highly specialized segment of devices that work well in specific applications.


OPS-X39L2ARM CortexRockchip 33994GB LPDDR4Mali T764 Graphics2 Realtek LAN + 802.11ac WiFi/BT211 OPS/R + 1 HDMI OUT/F + 1 HDMI IN/FTF Card readerALC662 (5.1)
Nano-Z83Ax5-Z8350Cherry Trail0 DDR3OB8th Gen. HD 1 Realtek+11ac WiFi/BT3 F1 F1 HDMI+1 miniDPMiniPCIeCM119B 5.1 HDMI
Nano-N3350L2N3350Apollo Lake0 DDR3OBIntel HD 500 Intel HD 5052 Realtek2 S4 S1 HDMI+1 DP+1 LVDSSD(Option)2.1 ALC269
SDM-N3000SN3450Apollo Lake2 DDR4SOIntel HD 500/HD 5051 Realtek1 H2 R + 1 H1 HDMI+1 DP5.1 ALC662
Nano-N3350DL2N3350Apollo LakeDDR3LIntel HD 500Realtek RTL8111F221HDMI + 1 DP + 1 COMHD Sound via HDMI
SwapPC-X39ARM Cortex-A53Rockchip 3399 (SOC)2/4GB LPDDR4 Mali T7642/3 LAN + WiFi/BT3 F + 2 R1 F + 2R3HDMI+HDMI-InSIM, TFALC662 (5.1)
Nano-E300N3350Apollo Lake1 DDR3SOIntel HD 505 Intel HD 5001 Realtek\RTL8111H2 R2 R1 HDMI+1 DP5.1 ALC662
Nano-E310N3350Apollo Lake1 DDR3SOIntel HD 505 Intel HD 5001 Realtek1 HDMI+1 DP5.1 ALC662
SBC-Z83x5-Z8350Cherry Trail0 DDR3OBIntel HD1 Realtek\RTL8111F+11ac WiFi/BT1 R+2 H1 R1 HDMI+1 LVDS5.1 ALC5672
Nano-Z83x5-Z8350Cherry Trail0 DDR3OB8th Gen. HD 1 Realtek3 F1 F1 HDMI+1 VGA2 MiniPCIe5.1 Intel
X10RK3368RK33680 DDR3OBPowerVR G61101 RJ45+11ac WiFi+BT 4.131 HDMI2.05.1 HDMI
T5-miniS905S9050 DDR3OBMail-G311 RJ45+11ac WiFi+BT 4.21 R1 R1 HDMI2.05.1 HDMI
X9-2HDMIRK3288RK32880 DDR3OB4 Core Mali-T71 RJ45+11ac WiFi+BT 4.131 HDMI2.0+1 HDMI1 MiniPCIeES8323S
X7RK3188RK31880 DDR3OB4 Core Mali-4001 RJ45(100M)+11n WiFi+BT 4.031 HDMI5.1 HDMI
OPS-X9RK3288RK32880 DDR3OB4 Core Mali-T71 RJ45+11ac WiFi+BT 4.02 R2 R1 HDMI2.05.1 HDMI